Racing LapTimer HD

Racing Lap Timer HD is an iPad & iPhone Stopwatch application for lap time measurement.

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Racing Laptimer is stopwatch application for laptimes measurement. Whether you’re on the road or racing track, riding your bike or running a parcour, Racing Laptimer records your: Current Lap, Average Lap, Fastest Lap, Slowest Lap and Total Time.

Save Lap Times

Laptimer HD saves your laps within sessions on the Laptimes screen everytime you click “LAP”. To reach this screen, tap on the Laptimes icon in the bottom toolbar. On this screen you can see all your completed laps, fastest and slowest laps and time difference. You can “Save Laps” to the “History” screen by click the upper-right button “Save Laps”, make sure you clicked the “STOP” button on the “Timer” screen to make the “Save Laps” button visible.

Email Lap Times

Lap times can be optionally sent as email (assuming the phone has access to the carrier’s network). On the “History” screen select your Lap Session and click the upper-right button to “Email” the laps. In the next version of LapTimer HD you can send your LapTimes to Facebook or as Tweets to Twitter.

Lap timer features

The Settings screen allows you to change:

  • Reset Style – Classic, Fast
  • Time Difference – Previous, Fastest Lap
  • Custom Displays – Last Lap, Fastest Lap, Slowest Lap, Time Difference

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